Art –

For the last 2 and a half years I’ve been teaching myself art. My curriculum has mostly been a hack job made up of YouTube videos and library books. Then last winter I took an online drawing class and then a few months ago I took my first live,  actual art class at Laguna Gloria here in Austin. It has been an eye-opening game-changer. I’ve never been one to study hard nor do I have much discipline. I’ve never been one to “throw myself into my work”. Not until this. I can’t get enough. I draw everyday. I read about drawing. I watch videos about art and artists. I want to talk about it. Listen to lectures…I want to swim in it.

I was pretty excited when my online school opened registration for a conference in California. I signed up immediately.  I bought a plane ticket. I secured a hotel. I spent a lot of money. The conference is in November and I’m locked in at this point.  I’m going no matter what. BUT, if you’d like to help offset the cost and get a cool piece of art at the same time, here’s what you can do:

Email me a photo ( of yourself or your friend or your dog or your neighbor…I’ll do a pen & watercolor drawing, sign it, and send it to you.  Here’s an example of one I did of Americana Songwriter Bad-Ass Jaimee Harris:

I happily accept Paypal. Prices start at $30+ shipping,  (if you request more than one person/subject in the drawing – making it more complex – it goes up).

Perhaps together we can knock down this bill a bit and give me the breathing room to enjoy the conference and experience all it has to offer. I’m looking forward to making some connections, learning new tricks, getting some feedback, and coming home inspired and ready to make more and better art.

There is a lot of art and music out there to purchase and perhaps your home is already graced with many beloved pieces and sounds. There are many charities, people in serious need, and folks on hard times. I am not one of them at this time. But if this artwork sounds appealing to you, or if you’d just like to help send me to grown-ups-art-camp, I would be honored to be among the artists embellishing a small part of your living space.

Thanks for reading this,