Art –

For the last 2 and a half years I’ve been teaching myself art. My curriculum has mostly been a hack job made up of YouTube videos and library books. Then last winter I took an online drawing class and then a few months ago I took my first live,  actual art class at Laguna Gloria here in Austin. It has been an eye-opening game-changer. I’ve never been one to study hard nor do I have much discipline. I’ve never been one to “throw myself into my work”. Not until this. I can’t get enough. I draw everyday. I read about drawing. I watch videos about art and artists. I want to talk about it. Listen to lectures…I want to swim in it.

I’m pretty obsessed with pen and watercolor portraits. Here’s an example of one I did of Americana Songwriter Bad-Ass Jaimee Harris:

I happily accept Paypal. if you are interested. Prices start at $55 (includes shipping) for a single subject. A two subject painting is $80. Anymore than that and we’ll have to talk about it. Artwork is done on 8×10 watercolor paper and sprayed with an acrylic sealant when done, slipped into a plastic sleeve and mailed to you in a cardboard envelope (unless you want to meet up with me at a coffee shop or something!) Get in touch if you’re interested.