David Hamburger

We’ve been playing these Wednesday shows at One-2-One for several months now and I am continuously bowled over by our openers. First off, I can’t believe they said “yes” when I asked. 28 minute set? For peanuts? Solo-acoustic? Yes. Betty Soo broke hearts into a million pieces a few weeks ago. I was so glad to get to hear her. Then I thought, oh, crap I have to follow this.

This week David Hamburger opens. He is a composer, a teacher ( his books and videos are cherished around the world), a pizza maker, a Dad… all good things. He is also an accomplished songwriter & recording artist and an absolute joy to watch live. Sometimes he plays with a trio, sometimes he sits in with the Purgatory Players, but those sometimes are rare times as his other pursuits and loves (see above) keep him closer to home.

I love David’s voice, his groovy, relaxed yet precise guitar-playing, and the smart/silly humor in his songs. Check him out a bit here, and come see him live this Weds. Feb. 20 at One-2-One. It’s a short set, but there’s plenty of parking and the vibe inside is super cool. When David is done, the band and I will not to run away in fear, but shall perform slightly puffed up and turned sideways to make ourselves appear bigger.


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