Hang Up Your Dough Hook

No Knead bread recipes always include a bit of “folding” and an ever so convenient 11 hour 1st rise followed by a 4 hour second rise (you only have to get up 3 hours early) and a bake that must be watched over or it will turn to dust.

Not anymore. Thanks to the sharply honed recipe-hunting-and-gathering skills of a one Kathleen Misra (my dear step-mom) I give you a TRUE no knead recipe, easy as farting (which is what yeast does!) and get this: One packet of yeast makes 2 loaves! Yes! That’s one for you, and one for you later. Follow the recipe below and/or make a few tried and true changes:

  • Replace 1/2 cup of all-purpose flour with buckwheat or another fancy flour in your fancy pantry.
  • Use egg-wash to adhere seeds to the loaves just before putting them in the oven (omit melted butter in this case.)
  • Grease your loaf tins well. I use BACON FAT because there is tons of it in my fridge and I don’t want to make candles.
  • This bread is delicious toasted. It is also delicious 3 minutes after it comes out of the oven.

No Knead Bread FAQ’s

Is it really no knead? Like not even a little?  There is absolutely no kneading, folding, or “turning” of this dough/batter. I stir it with one of those long, iced tea spoons because I’m lazy and we have a million of them for some reason. That is it. You never turn it out on the counter, never flour your hands, none of that stuff.

Why is the picture of your loaf so squatty? Thanks for noticing. This bread doesn’t necessarily rise to a great height, but it will have lovely crumpet-y, english muffin-y holes and such.  That being said, I did have one get quite large when it was 80 degrees in the house.

Do I need to use a loaf tin? Yes. If not you will make a blob. Not a nice, rustic Artisanal, magical bread, but a blob that will drip everywhere as a sticky mess. I made one half in an iron skillet once. That worked ok. But do not just put the dough/batter on a baking sheet, it’ll spread out.

I’ve made this bread, now what do I do with it? For the love of Christmas, toast it. Make garlic toasts. Make a grilled cheese sandwich. Slice it and put jam on it. This can fulfill all of your bread needs.



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