In the olden days, my mom would make what she called “mixture.” It had nuts and other crunchy, cereal-type stuff, some spices and a bit of chili oil. Mom is gone and I’m paleo now, but mixture still exists. Most recently I made some for my husband to take on a road trip and it was a hit. Here’s the recipe as requested:

Roast the following in a pan:

1/2 c raw pumking seeds,

1/2 c raw walnuts, 1/2c raw sunflower seeds,

a pinch of cumin seeds.

Fresh roasted is always the tastiest, so do it yourself in a skillet. Once they start making popping noises, turn of the heat and stir. Let them cool and put them in a large bowl.

Add the following:

1/4 cup raisins OR chopped prunes. (I like the prunes! They’re nature’s Gummy Bear),

1/4 cup dried goji berries

1/2 cup spicy/savory nuts like  Chilie Cashews or Tamari Almonds,

1T flax seed,

1 T chia seed,

1t Magic Mushroom Powder (or other choice seasoning),

a pinch of cayanne pepper,

Stir this up, then add 2 crushed handfuls of unsweetened plantain chips. I like the Trader Joe’s brand. They’re cheap and not too salty.

Once its all combined check it to see if it needs more seasoning. Store in airtight containers like glass jars or ziplock bags. Gobble at will. Then call your mom.mixture


2 thoughts on “Mixture

    • YES! They’re great w/ guac or tuna salad or egg salad. They are also a nice replacement for fritos in Frito Pie! And they’re $2. I buy 10 packages when I go to TJ’s because they’re often out and we can. not. be. without. them. Not in my house!


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