Time for Bed and I’m Hungry. (Butternut Pancakes)

I have a choice of staying up way too late and watching the 2nd half of Neverland or going to bed and being asleep before midnight. Guess which one I picked.  Neither. Cuz I was hungry. And not just hungry, mind you, but snacky, which is almost worse than famished because when you’re starving, anything will do. But when you’re snacky, you want something…mmm…crunchy?  not necessarily…but savory-sweet…and small, oh heavens, yes, small…with butter on it. And maybe fruity?  but its got to fit on a little plate, cuz I’m only snacky. Thanks to Tiare for the idea. These were so good I forgot all about taking a picture.

Butternut Squash Pancakes

Wait, you don’t have leftover, roasted butternut squash in your fridge?  Shame on you!  Its Novemeber, for Pete’s sake!

1/8th of a roasted butternut squash, mashed with a fork

1 egg

a drop of vanilla

a shake of salt

a pinch (really, just a touch) of baking powder – a/k/a fairy dust

2 tbs flax meal

cinnamon, clove, ginger powder, …

Coconut oil for frying

a couple of grapes, sliced

some grass-fed butter, cuz its ridiculous.

honey, if you likes

Beat egg.  Slowly add to smushed squash a little at a time until they play nice. Add salt, baking powder, vanilla, and spices.  Get your skillet hot and shiny with coconut oil.  Lower the heat a bit then pour batter out into one big pancake or, for ease and to encourage sharing, two small ones.  I used a “non-stick” pan that needs grease on it.  I would not suggest using an iron skillet or steel.  But if you have the skilz, do what you must. I had to scoot my pan around to make sure each pancake got some quality time over the flame.  After about 6 min, flip ’em.  Be careful, they’re floppy.  Once they’re done (they will totally look like pancakes) put butter / honey on them and serve with sliced grapes…then go to bed!

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