Tea is a meal and a time. It’s somewhere between 2:30 and 5. It usually includes something sweet, something salty, and something on which you can put butter. A good zucchini bread can cover those criteria.  It always includes a friend or two, which is why I cherish the times Tea actually happens.  I’ve taken to having Tea over FaceTime with my sister or niece due to the lack of available folk at Tea-time. Yesterday Don Harvey came over for Tea.  One bag of Red Rose and one bag of Tazo decaf chai and a bit of warmed almond milk.  We drank it in the kitchen with mixed nuts and raisins and some Tarro chips.  My mother would be disappointed at the lack of bread and jam. I feel like I’m supposed to write something profound about Tea and its power and importance, but it needs no defense and I have no words.  It’s just good. And a good idea. Lets bring it back.


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